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    Losing Body Fat

    Freeze the Last Few Pounds

    You eat right and exercise, but those stubborn last few pounds just won’t leave. Unlike other weight loss products on the market, fat freezing doesn’t rely on any miracle formula, but instead on research-backed weight loss science.

The Science Behind It

Fat freezing boosts activity of metabolically active brown fat, which actively burns calories, while killing unproductive white fat cells. When you freeze belly fat, it’s a the double whammy that increases caloric burn while actively removing bloated fat cells.

How to Use It

Keep your fat freezing kit in your freezer for several hours before use. Then wrap it around the areas you want to reduce extra fat and leave it in place for one hour, during which you are free to nap, clean the house, wash the dog, or surf the internet.

Enjoying the Results

With daily usage and following the freeze fat kit instructions, fat begins to melts away in as little as three weeks. Most will begin to notice a difference in the way their clothes fit after six weeks, with nearly everyone losing inches after ten weeks.

Do-It-Yourself Kits Are Now Available

There is no need to see a doctor to acquire a fat freeze kit and no medical device prescription is necessary. Fat freeze kits are now readily available online from reputable vendors who are knowledgeable about the product. Avoid dealers who sell cheap knockoff kits and those who cannot provide a reasonable guarantee.